AWUQ Branch Secretary Steve Baker

On behalf of the Australian Workers' Union of Employees, Queensland I would like to welcome you to our website.


As one of Australia’s largest and strongest unions, the AWU has stood with workers from all walks of life since 1886.

Workers have been standing together in the AWU for nearly 130 years, and we are still one of the largest and strongest unions in Australia.

The importance of being part of a union has never been greater. Workers need to stick together to maintain and improve wages and working conditions.

Workers have won better job security, more pay and a safer and fairer workplace by being in the union.

The strength that comes from being part of a union and having a collective voice at the workplace has made Australia what it is today.

The AWU has members in industries as diverse as the health sector, retail, construction, sugar, shearing, mining, aged care, tourism and hospitality to name a few.

By joining the union, the AWU will continue to grow and continue to ensure that workers’ rights are protected for your future and future generations.


In Unity,

Steve Baker
Queensland Branch Secretary