The Fair Work Commission has made the decision to drastically reduce Sunday penalty rates and on public holidays for workers in retail, hospitality and fast food industries.
This is a devastating outcome – these cuts will have a real and tangible impact on AWU members working in these industries. For example, a full-time retail worker working weekends will lose $2,000 per year.
Importantly, this decision may also pave the way for employers to argue that Sunday penalty rates and public holiday rates should be cut in other industries.
The AWU has launched a campaign entitled PENALTY RATES MATTER to show the Federal Government just what penalty rates mean to workers and their families.
Read More HERE on what the decision means for thousands of workers.
Do you want to get involved?  
How about telling Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull what penalty rates mean to you?   Click HERE to download our "Tell Malcolm" Card - fill it in and send it back to us here at the union.
You can post it to GPO Box 88, Brisbane QLD 4001 or scan and email it to
We are hoping to collect thousands of these cards and sending them to Malcolm Turnbull with all your individual messages  - we need him to listen.
How else can I help?
AWU members across Queensland are meeting and passing a resolution in support of penalty rates.  You can as well - click HERE to download the AWU Resolution.
Take a photo of your meeting and send it to us along with a scan of your signed resolution to and we will share it on our website and on Facebook.