On Thursday, 22 December 2016, the Director-General of Queensland Health made a significant offer to the AWU and delegates to reach in-principle agreement on EB9 bargaining.

AWU Delegates met on Friday 23 December 2016 and have unanimously endorsed support for the offer.

Key provisions of the offer are outlined below:

  • 2.5% per annum over 3 years
  • Operative date of 1 September 2016 (back paid after certification)
  • NO outsourcing of ANY existing operational services. 
  • Priority given to long-casuals and temps when filling permanent positions (through closed EOI preference)
  • Conversion of long-term casuals consistent with Government policy
  • Consultation prior to any changes to ADOs
  • “Genuine” consultation
  • Fair allocation of work, higher duties etc
  • Stronger provisions to control adverse workplace behaviours such as bullying etc
  • Making discipline and performance processes fairer
  • Access to training for OO2s and an increase in training numbers
  • Review of certain allowances

As a result of the in-principle agreement, AWU members will no longer need to vote in protected action ballots.

The draft Agreement will be put to a ballot early next year and the AWU will provide further advice to our members on the ballot process.

This revised offer would not have occurred without the commitment of delegates and members across the State who participated in meetings, rallies and authorised applications for protected action orders in the Commission.