QNI Medical Assessent Register

The QNI Yabulu Refinery is classified as a Major Hazard Facility due to its storage of large quantities of chemicals, fuels and other regulated hazardous materials.

As part of QNI’s Termination Employment Standard (YHR2003), Exit Medicals are to ordinarily be provided to all employees upon termination.  It is our understanding that no employees terminated at QNI in 2015-2016 have undertaken the requisite Exit Medical.

Although this Standard forms part of the internal policies of QNI, it is our view that a duty is owed to these workers to ensure that their health and associated legal rights are protected.

The AWU, in conjunction with our legal advisors, has established a register for AWU members that may have been exposed to hazardous materials in the course of their employment so that their legal rights are protected.  This Register will also confirm any workplace related illness or injury.

Please understand this is not a process for initiating a claim.  It is a way to record the details of any potential exposure to chemicals, regardless of how recent or long ago it was, in order to assist in any future claims you may need to make.

If you have identified any illnesses or injuries, we will contact you directly to obtain your written consent to forwarding your details to the union's legal representatives for appraisal.

To provide your information on the QNI Medical Assessment Register, please click here

For any inquiries, please contact 1800 QLD AWU (753 298)