• Local Government Direct Debit Switch

    The Newman Government has legislated to away your right to pay your membership through payroll deduction if you work in Local Government. Make the switch to direct debit today to protect your membership
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  • Catching the Trade Cheats

    The Federal Government’s tough new anti-dumping measures will help stop international trade cheats in their tracks.
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  • Know Your Rights!

    Your workplace rights and entitlements
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  • Fighting for the Future

    AWU's policy and advocacy work
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  • History of the AWU

    We're older than the nation
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Knowledge is Power

Sometimes we all have to stand up for ourselves.  And when it happens, you need to know your rights.

Knowledge is power, and AWU members have access to wealth of knowledge and expertise in their union. It's vital to learn about your rights, and it's even more important to know who to call when you need a little help.

To contact your local branch ring the AWU Qld Member Hotline on 1800 753 298.


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