Assistant Secretary's Message | eWorker | April 2018

Thursday 05th April 2018

Axing Penalty Rates Hurts Workers & Fails to Deliver Jobs

Research has revealed something Unions have known all along - the move by the Fair Work Commission and backed by the Federal Turnbull Government to cut penalty rates has failed to deliver any new jobs or more shifts for existing workers in hospitality and retail. This was the argument used by some in the retail and hospitality sectors for the cutting of penalty rates. 

Working people know this has been a devastating blow – these cuts are having a real and tangible impact on AWU members working in these industries. For instance a full-time retail worker working weekends has lost $2,000 per year.

When working peoples' wages are cut or wage growth is stalled, it's bad for workers and their families. And it's bad for the economy because people have less money to spend.

That's why, every day, the AWU takes up the fight against those who try to eat away at the wages and conditions of working people. 

Talk to a non-AWU member at work about joining the AWU so they can be part of the union movement that's fighting for a fair go, respect and safety at work. Working people are stronger when we stand together. 

AWU Delegate Retires

John Walton & Rod Ball GCCC DelegatesCongratulations to John Walton on his retirement from the Gold Coast City Council. John was an AWU Delegate for our members in Waste Transfer Stations and Landfill for 10 years. Senior AWU Gold Coast City Council Delegate Rod Ball said John was well-respected by the Union members for his strong support and respectful approach.

John plans to continue being a member of the AWU by joining our Retired AWU Members’ Society (RAMS). We thank John for his hard work and dedication to the Union movement and wish him well in retirement. 

Labour Day - Monday 7th May 2018

Labour Day celebrations are planned right across Queensland over the Labour Day weekend from 5th - 7th May 2018.

Check out the details of your Labour Day March - and make sure to pick up your AWU cap and t-shirt to march with your Union. 

In Unity

Steve Baker
Acting Secretary, AWU Queensland