AWU Members Back Public Holiday on Christmas Eve Night

Thursday 05th September 2019
Thank you to the well over one thousand AWU Members who took the time to complete our survey on making Christmas Eve a public holiday after 6pm!
Over ninety-nine per cent of members responded in favour of making Christmas Eve night a public holiday, with many taking the time to tell us just how much having a Christmas Eve night public holiday would mean to them and their families.

Here's what some AWU members had to say in support of the Christmas Eve night Public Holiday:

“I believe retail staff should be given the option to work Christmas Eve and those that do should be entitled to penalty rates. I personally have not celebrated Christmas day with my family for 7 years due to working in retail and being told I have to work. My family is a 21 hour drive from where I live and it is physically impossible to get there.”
Pamela, Retail
“It is a night that is meant for being with family. People who are obliged to work should be adequately compensated.”
Lee, Social and Community Care
“I work in a department that requires 7-day care for our clients. Making sacrifices with family time is standard. I have missed out on so much to care for others. To ask for something of a small nature like this would not be unreasonable. Please make my Christmas this year special.”
Corey, Queensland Health
“We work hard all year for our industry. They say we need to give 50% to our work and 50% to our home life. If we're not happy with our home life, we won't be happy at work. Christmas is a very special time for all families. Our employer should reward us with some extra family time.”
Andrea, Alumina Production
“Because I am sacrificing time with friends and family to keep this mining operation running over the Christmas period, that should be rewarded.”
Phillip, Mining
“It is a special family time of the year and for those in our industry who work nightshift it would be compensation for having to sleep most of Christmas day and missing out on family celebration and Christian participation.”
Angela, Disability Carer
We’ve made a formal submission to the State Government’s inquiry on behalf of all AWU members highlighting how important this change is for members - making it clear the AWU supports a Christmas Eve public holiday.