AWU members at Cairns Regional Council Down Tools to Push for a Fair Pay Increase

Thursday 09th August 2018

The Australian Workers’ Union (AWU) says Union members at Cairns Regional Council (CRC) are downing tools and taking industrial action this Friday 10th August and Monday 13th August to push for fair pay and conditions in their new Enterprise Agreement.

To send a message to Mayor Bob Manning and the Council, AWU members from Cairns Regional Council will be taking strike action, with a Council-wide walkout of Union members over the two days and mass rally outside the Council Chambers at 8am on Friday 10th August.

AWU Queensland Branch Secretary Steve Baker said the Union’s members have had enough of Council’s wage freezes.

“Because Council continues to refuse to put forward a fair and reasonable offer on the table, Union members are taking action to send a strong message,” Steve said.

“AWU members are not taking this action lightly. They’re part of the Cairns region. They’re residents here and spend their wages in the local community. And they’re passionate about where they live.

“Union members have tried bargaining for a fair and reasonable wage increase and to protect their working conditions, but the Council simply refuses to put forward a reasonable offer.

“The Cairns Regional Council continues to put forward a paltry wage offer that’s below CPI – which will put even more pressure on their families who are struggling to keep up with the rising costs of living.  

“As a result, workers at Council are going backwards when it comes to their pay. And that’s less money they can spend in their local community.

“However when it comes to giving themselves a pay rise, Mayor Manning and Councillors are more than happy to dig deep into ratepayers pockets to give themselves comfortable pay rises.”

Steve Baker said the fact that Council was boasting about budget surpluses while denying their worker a fair go showed a lack of respect for its workforce.

“The Council’s boast of a $1.8M budget surplus is leaving a sour taste in the mouth of its workforce when they’ve been told they can’t get a reasonable pay rise.

 “Council workers have had enough, so they are standing together and taking action.”

Mass Meeting:

Cairns Regional Council, 119-145 Spence Street Cairns from 8am on Friday 10th August

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