AWU Welcomes Queensland Government's Land Release for Domestic Gas Supply

Thursday 01st March 2018

The Australian Workers’ Union (AWU) has welcomed today’s announcement by the Queensland Government to release more land for domestic gas supply as a much-needed win for local jobs.

Steve Baker, Acting Secretary of the AWU in Queensland says this announcement provides a lifeline to Incitec Pivot at Gibson Island, where gas is crucial to the company’s manufacturing production. Central Petroleum and Incitec Pivot have a memorandum of understanding, including gas supply to Gibson Island.

“This decision by the Queensland Government opens up a local supply for businesses like Incitec Pivot, which is important to secure the jobs of their employees today and into the future.  

“Without access to affordable domestic gas, companies like Incitec Pivot would close and jobs would be lost. 

“The AWU has been working hard both in Queensland and nationally to encourage Governments at both levels to take action to ensure secure an affordable domestic gas supply.

“We have been in discussions with the Queensland Government for some time about this issue, and we’re pleased the Government has listened and taken action.

“Today’s decision is a great outcome for AWU members working at Incitec Pivot, and their families.

Steve Baker added there was more still to be done across the country to secure Australia’s gas future.

“The Prime Minister’s “handshake agreement” with gas companies have been ineffective to date, which is why the AWU is calling on the Federal Government to step up and do more to tackle affordable gas supply issues in Australia.

“Things have got to change - it’s cheaper for companies in China and Japan to buy Australian gas than it is for Australian companies.”

The Australian Workers’ Union has been mounting a “Reserve our Gas” campaign over the past few years to highlight the need to protect gas reserves to Australians can access domestic gas at a fair price.

The AWU’s Shipping Away our Competitive Advantage report released last month calls on the Federal Government to act swiftly and urgently to save the thousands of Australian jobs that are currently under threat with manufacturers shutting due to unaffordable, high gas prices.  


Statement Issued Thursday 1st March 2018