A Modern Website for a Modern Union

Friday 05th July 2019
The AWU’s current website is outdated. This means members are not getting the detailed control and instantaneous service that they have come to expect in modern online interactions.
For that reason the AWU is now in the process of developing a fully modernised website that will enable us to run more effective digital campaigns, keep members updated on relevant news, and offer tailored industry information.
The new member and delegates' portal will allow you to:
  • Communicate with organisers
  • Access EBA information
  • Find general branch communications and documents
  • See your financial status and other information about your membership
  • Access End of Financial Year statements
  • Update financial information
  • Make statement payments
The new website is all about you and we hope that it delivers the detailed and tailored experience that you are looking for.
It's not that far away so keep an eye out for the new website: www.awu.net.au soon!