MSF Sugar Agreement Termination Application Thrown Out

Friday 11th January 2019

Congratulations to the AWU Members at MSF Sugar Maryborough who by sticking together have stopped their Agreement from being terminated in the Fair Work Commission.

In early 2018, after stalling negotiations for several months, MSF Sugar advised their workforce that they’d be applying to terminate their Enterprise Agreement and forcing them onto individual flexibility agreements.

For many MSF Sugar Workers, this would have seen them paid significantly less while losing the security and collective bargaining power that an Enterprise Agreement provides. 

The AWU has fought against this from day one. It’s not good enough for a company to try and get out of negotiating simply try and tear up their Agreement because they want to pay their employees less and avoid the inconvenience of negotiating for a new Agreement.

After a long fight, the Fair Work Commission late last week agreed with the submissions of the AWU and dismissed MSF Sugar’s Application.

Not only does this mean that MSF Employees won’t experience an immediate reduction in their pay and conditions, but it sends a message to employers right across Queensland that Enterprise Agreements can’t just be torn up to put workers at a disadvantage.

This win was only possible because AWU Members refused to back down even as their employer tried to strip back their hard-won working conditions. 

We're stronger together!