Time for Mining Industry to Put Safety First!

Tuesday 09th July 2019
Our hearts go out to the family, workmates and friends of the miner tragically killed at work last week.
Six deaths of Queensland miners in the last twelve months are unacceptable and it’s clear more needs to be done to prevent deaths and injuries of mine workers.
All workers in Queensland have the right to go to work and come home safe and unharmed at the end of their shift. Sadly, this coal miner was deprived of that basic right.
As far as we’re concerned, one death or injury at work is one too many. That’s why we’ll be holding the Government and the resource sector to account and fighting to introduce the changes desperately needed.
We’ll be holding an urgent meeting with both the State Government and the resource sector tomorrow to call on them to introduce the changes needed to guarantee the safety of every single person working in a mine in Queensland.
We’ll be demanding that the Government and Mining Industry commit to a full review of mine health and safety in Queensland and urgently overhaul safety regulations and legislation to hold mining companies properly accountable for safety on mine sites.
It’s clear that the mining industry needs to take action and lift their safety standards to make sure the people who work for them are working under the safest of conditions possible. 
If you have any questions or concerns - or want to speak up about a safety issue - make sure to speak with your AWU Delegate or Organiser.
In Unity,
Steve Baker
Branch Secretary
The Australian Workers' Union, Queensland