Workers want better deal from Reef Casino

Tuesday 21st January 2014

The AWU Bargaining Team has been acting on members' behalf in EBA negotiations to ensure that we get a fair deal in wages and conditions from the Reef Hotel Casino.

The Agreement will be going to a vote on 6 and 7 February 2014.

From the 54 claims presented to management – they have only agreed to 10.

Key claims that the Reef Hotel Casino has rejected includes:

·       Fair and reasonable wage increases

·       Review of redundancy entitlements

·       Higher Duties payments

·       Changes to Overtime provisions

·       Stopping excessive roster changes

·       Changes to leave entitlements

·       $1.00 employee car parking

Workers have helped the Reef Hotel Casino make record profit, yet they want us to accept a small wage increase and have rejected the majority of our claims.

The AWU is committed to ensuring that all workers at the Reef Hotel Casino have a say in the decisions affecting them at work. By joining the AWU, you become part of a team that has access to important industrial advice and representation on all matters relating to your employment.

Vote no to secure a better deal for workers.