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Format: 27/06/2019
Format: 27/06/2019
On 1st July 2017, the AWU in Queensland broadened its relationship with Maurice Blackburn Lawyers to make sure that all of our Queensland members have access to a greater range of the law firm’s local legal advice and services. In the first twelve months, over $1m has been paid AWU members. Here...
AWU Northern District Secretary Luke Mangano & AWU Organiser Chris Guse will be onsite to hold meetings to discuss a log of claims for your new Agreement. The meetings are paid meetings for AWU members and potential AWU members. Those wishing to become AWU members can join at the meetings. The...
In light of Council’s recent revised offer, AWU Organiser Terry Osmond will be at the Cassowary Regional Coast Council depots next week to provide an update on your EBA and for members to vote on whether to take protected industrial action and the form it may take. These AWU member meetings will be...
Message from Barry Watson, AWU Senior Industrial Officer You are invited to take part in a meeting of AWU members who are covered by the State Government Entities Certified Agreement which is set down for Wednesday 24 th October 2018 via teleconference. The purpose of the meeting is: to provide an...
Message from Tony Beers, Acting Central District Secretary, The Australian Workers' Union Queensland Branch. In light of Gladstone Regional Council’s recent offer, AWU officials will be holding Combined Union meetings with members to vote on protected industrial action including what forms on...