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Format: 24/01/2019
Format: 24/01/2019
BREAKING NEWS - COLES AGREEMENT VOTED UP: 90% YES VOTE The vote on the new Coles Agreement has now finished, and the new Coles Supermarkets Agreement was voted up with an overwhelming majority: 90% of people voted YES. This is an important outcome for Coles workers, as the Agreement will secure:...
Ballots started arriving at home addresses of eligible QUU employees from Monday 22nd January 2018. QUU AWU members are encouraged to look out for an envelope from the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) with their ballot papers in their home mailbox. AWU members are encouraged to vote YES for...
Welcome to the December eWorker As 2017 draws to a close, we reflect on some of the significant events and issues over the past year. Earlier in the year, a great number of AWU members and their families once again proudly marched to celebrate the achievements of working people at more than a dozen...
MHPS is using an administrative error of the Fair Work Commission to ram through a new Agreement to reduce the pay and conditions for their employees. The company is doing this at a time when many of their employees will not be eligible to have a say by taking part in the ballot process. AWU...
Queensland Government's new industrial manslaughter laws The AWU strongly believes workers have the right to a safe workplace. That's why we'd lobbied hard for the new workplace safety laws which includes the new industrial manslaughter criminal offence which came into effect in October - new laws...