What is Rams?

Retirement from the workforce does not need to be an end to union involvement. In fact, it could actually be a whole new beginning. A new beginning that will make your life in retirement the special time that you deserve.
The AWU Queensland Branch has established a state network of retired AWU members who want to stay involved and active in the union.
The Retired AWU Members’ Society (RAMS) is a coordinated group within the AWU that allows our retired members to become involved in industrial and community campaigns for the union, attend regular events and discussion groups and support our training of the next generation of AWU activists.

As a member of RAMS, you receive:

• A quarterly newsletter specifically addressing the issues and concerns of retired workers;
• Invitation to regular RAMS events across Queensland;
• Special offers and deals from our industry partners - Superannuation, Financial Services, and Legal Services;;
• A commemorative RAMS lapel badge;
• The opportunity to continue to be involved and make a difference on issues of importance to retired workers and their families.

Why Join?

For many AWU retirees, we know that your commitment does not stop simply because you leave the workforce - and one of the best ways for retired members to remain truly active and involved is to be a
member of RAMS.
The Retired AWU Members’ Society (RAMS) is a great way to meet other activists and to keep up with what is happening in the union movement. It provides an opportunity to have continued social interaction with friends and co-workers and link in with some of the campaigns the union is running on issues that matter most to you.

How do I join?

The AWU has established a level of membership within our Rules called Retired Member. For $10 per year, you remain a member of the AWU upon retirement and continue to have access to a range of services and
If you become a Retired Member, you have the opportunity to become active in RAMS - a network of retired members keen to remain active within the AWU.
Just download and complete the Application Form to become an AWU Retired Member.